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Asa Mesh 21 Cf




. Yes, that will work. You will find more info in my reply to your previous post. . Looks like the ASA can't find the CF card. You will need to see if it's just the CF card that's being fubar'd. You might try powering up the card, or disconnecting it and then power up. . This is probably a simple fix, but I'm a bit new to the ASA and it's management. Can you have a peek at this post and let me know if you see anything glaring at you? Have a good day, friend. . Edit, more info: . It is a Netgear WNDR4500. It is one of the first ASAs that Cisco has released with 802.11n WiFi support. . The . As I understand it, Cisco is selling their routers with 1x WLAN and 1x USB for upgrading to 802.11n. There is no way to buy a 802.11n router that I can find. When the ASA is connected to the USB, the network adaptor is just showing up as the 'NIC'. I think it is recognizing the USB as a network adapter, but I'm not too sure. . I went back to the manufacture support and asked them to send a replacement card. They have not been able to resolve the problem. When I went back to the local Cisco certified reseller, they simply said, "I don't know, go back to Netgear." I'm not a Cisco user, but I have worked with these devices before. This one has had a couple of hard drives before, and a flash memory. They changed the flash memory once already. I'm thinking the flash memory has died, and it will not recognize the CF card when it is powered up. . Looking at a more recent post (posted shortly after I first wrote this one), it seems like Netgear is having the same issue, but they haven't been able to figure out what the cause of the problem is.




Asa Mesh 21 Cf

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